Where to Get the Best Sources and References For Your Online Articles

Recently, a fellow online article author e-mailed me and wanted to know what the best sources and references were that I used to write my online articles. Well, since I write on over 600 different topics, I spend a lot of time reading industry trade journals, and buying used books on many different topics. One of the best sources I’ve found for writing online articles is conversations I have online, in person, or sitting in a local Starbucks coffee shop.

You see, people always like to talk about themselves and what they are doing – they like to talk about their jobs, their family, their hobbies, their politics, and the things that they’ve learned. They like to talk about their vacations, their education, and their hopes and dreams for the future. Believe me, you don’t have to talk to someone for very long before they tell you something that you did not know, and that is a great reference point to start, because that gives you something to go look up, and something else to learn.

After you learn a new fact, or make a new observation you can related it to other experiences and observations you had previously in your life. You can relate things to other industries, and come up with really interesting analogies, and allegories. Now that when it comes to references, I have a 3500 title library, and books scattered everywhere and the Internet seems to have most all of the human knowledge available.

So to answer my acquaintances question; where do you get the best sources and references for your online articles – I’d say that’s where I would start, but I wouldn’t necessarily stop there. It is my contention that you should be perusing the online news, receive online e-mail newsletters, read online articles from other authors, and read the newspaper and watch the news. Now I’m not saying you should become a news junkie like me, or that you have to be an expert in everything – because you can’t.

But the more information you know, the more you educate yourself, and the more experiences you have added to the best places to find new and relevant topics – well that ought to provide you everything you need to write hundreds of quality articles in your own niche, and allow you to find other niches to write in as well. You are welcome to use any of these strategies, or e-mail me with ideas that you come up with, things that work for you. Please consider all this.

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