Beyond Nurse And Doctor: Nurse Practitioner Jobs And Other Opportunities In Health

With an aging population, the health care industry needs more well-trained and dedicated people than ever. For those who like to help others and are willing to study hard, employment opportunities abound in this industry. Possibilities include travel nurse, occupational therapy, physician assistant, physical therapy, speech pathology, and nurse practitioner jobs.Becoming a nurse requires extensive education and different forms of licensing or certification, depending on the type of nursing. Nurse practitioners need more than most as they take on some of a physician’s roles as part of their work. They may perform diagnosis or treatment. As they have heavier responsibilities, they need that extra education. They are invaluable additions to hospitals and other institutions.Nurses are a crucial part of any hospital or clinic, but they are in short supply. For those with an interest in nursing who also like variety in their working life, travel nurse jobs are an exciting option. The job usually entails taking on short-term positions where needed. Flexible people should consider the benefits of working in different places, often with living assistance and other amenities. As some travel nurses find long-term opportunities, when it’s time to stop moving around there are options.Not everyone is happy in a specialized profession. Occupational therapy stretches across several specialties. Occupational therapists seek to get people into or back to work by identifying barriers that block them from doing so. They devise plans to remove or get around those barriers. Creative types who like working with people may enjoy this line of work.Becoming a full doctor takes a tremendous amount of time, money, and effort. Working as a physician’s assistant can mean getting to help people a little faster. Physician’s assistants provide some of the same services as a doctor, but under the supervision of an actual physician. They do not face as strict requirements as a physician, but still need extended study at appropriate institutions and licensing.Physical therapy involves working with patients to get their physical mobility back. It requires education and accreditation. Physical therapists can specialize or be more general. Even general physical therapists are likely to work with a variety of patients, such as the elderly or people suffering work injuries. Physical therapists have many options in terms of the patients they can help and the settings where they work.Speech pathology is a complex line of work that involves helping people with speech disorders. Many speech pathologists work with children, in a variety of workplaces. There are employment opportunities with schools and hospitals, for example. Like most health-related positions, speech pathology means dedicated and advanced study. It is an educated, professional position ideal for those who enjoy helping children with problems.In the health care industry today, there is a bewildering array of opportunities — from speech pathology jobs to nurse practitioner jobs. All require strong educations from the right schools, and often forms of licensing as well. For those with the drive to become health care professionals, there are more options than simply becoming a nurse or a doctor.

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